The simplest way to automate work

No-code automation platform that helps marketers, founders and DevOps engineers easily build workflows to be more productive.


Automate, orchestrate and optimize your repetitive tasks

Startup Automation

Automating a startup is a key to success — reduce cost, save time and increase efficiency.

Focus on customers

Automate manual tasks

Improve customer service

Reduce labour costs

Development Platform

Platform for developers to automate apps and processes. Run own code, in the cloud or on-premise.

API access and integrations

Automate apps with own code

Schedule background jobs

Streamline DevOps and IT

Marketing Automation

Engage your customers, prioritize and execute your marketing tasks efficiently.

Reach more customers

Send personalised emails

Automate follow-ups

Increase conversions

Visual Editor

A simple and easy to use editor to design automations.


Automation Time Travel

Go back in time, inspect or restart from any point.

  • See the path your automation has taken
  • Restart from any action in past
  • Investigate and debug
Automation Executions

Control every execution

With thousands of automation executions per day — stay on top of each one of them.

  • View historic executions
  • Set custom retry and timeout settings
  • Manually stop executions
Automation Executions

Get instant alerts

Stay informed how your automations perform, and if something goes wrong, you'll know straight away.

  • Receive email alerts
  • Slack in-channel notifications
  • Control alerts you receive
Automation Executions

Making your work easier

If Conditions

Evaluate a value with "if/then/else" and branch out your workflow.

Loop Iterators

Iterate through list of values and run actions against each one of them.

Parallel Processing

Start actions in parallel without waiting for previous action to finish.


Add delays between actions, either as a wait duration or as a set time in future.

Own Code

Run your own custom code in minutes.

HTTP Client

Make your automation do HTTP requests to any URL.

Retry and timeouts

Specify retry and timeout logic for your actions.

Scheduled Start

Start your automations at a set time or hourly, daily intervals.

Bespoke Triggers

Start your automations with webhooks, API calls or manually.

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