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Automation with humans in the loop

Design automated workflows that can request approvals and user input where human involvement is required.

Every working day at 9am
Start Automation
🧠Create Task to Manually Process Refunds
🧠Create Task to Manually Update CRM records
End Automation
Refund Request Received When
Start Automation
🤖Automatically Process Refund
🤖Automatically Update CRM
End Automation
Refund Request Received When
Start Automation
Refund amount over $500? 🤖
🧠Manually Process Refund
🤖Automatically Process Refund
🤖Automatically Update CRM
End Automation

Systemize and scale processes

People can forget and make mistakes. Document tasks and procedures as collaborative playbooks to guide your staff through every step of the process. To ensure work is done to a tee without ever missing a step.


"A simple and powerful way to manage repeatable work and tasks, with instant accountability."

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Every minute saved adds up 💰

Efficiency gains per year after
saving working days

Automate with human decisions

Not everything can or should be automated. Create human tasks inside automated workflows when approvals and user decisions are required. So you can automate anything without losing the human touch.


"We were able to automate copy-pasting and data entry allowing us to focus on more important work."

Automation Executions

Streamline processes with forms

You overuse emails or get lost trying to organize work. Instead, design forms and make every request launch a workflow. So everything is now accountable by going through a streamlined process and visible to the team.


The easiest way to build a solid foundation for growth

Automate manual work

Free up teams from repetitive tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.

Save time & money

Automate data entry and time-consuming work to reduce costs.

Grow & stay personal

Automate mundane tasks, but use your teams' experience & skills for the rest.

Incredibly simple & easy-to-use

No coding required, visually document and automate workflows in minutes.

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