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Automations.io Human Tasks

Tasks & Workflows

Automate with human touch

Build workflows with decisions that people should make, such as approval requests, or create checklists to document and guide your team with the next steps, to ensure every step of the process is completed.

  • One place for all your company work and tasks
  • Define what happens after each task is completed
Automation Executions

Complete tasks via email or app

Invite teammates to work on tasks. Or send an email with attachments to complete, approve or reject tasks straight from the inbox.

Automation Executions

Create workflows with clicks

Start documenting and automating processes and go live within days, without a need for coding or replacing existing systems.

  • Visually document & automate processes
  • Standardize your workflows
  • If this then that conditional logic
Automation Executions

Build event-driven user journeys

Start workflows based on user events and interactions from your CRM, phone system, web or mobile apps.

  • Automate anything from new user onboarding, completed orders and cancelled subscriptions
const request = require('request');

    url: 'https://api.automations.io/events',
    json: true,
    body: {
        event: 'Signed Up',              
        properties: {                    
            name: 'Bob',                 
            email: 'hello@automations.io'

Track & Monitor

Audit & investigate in real-time

Inspect and view automation run at any point in time.

  • See the path your automation has taken
  • View information about each activity
  • When things go wrong, easily diagnose and fix
Execution History

Monitor automation progress

With hundreds or thousands of automations running each day — stay on top of each one of them.

  • View historic executions
  • Manually stop at any time
  • Restart automations
Automation Executions

Get instant alerts

Stay informed how your automations perform, and if something goes wrong, you'll know straight away.

  • Receive email alerts
  • Slack in-channel notifications
  • Control alerts you receive
Automation Executions


Use forms to streamline work

Easily build your own forms to start workflows, whether it's to generate a quote, templated PDF document, onboard a new employee or capture new leads.

  • Build forms for customers, staff or vendors
  • Receive and track common requests in one place
  • Design elegant forms without coding
Automation Executions

Connect existing HTML forms

You can also connect your existing forms, then automate what happens with the submitted data.

<form action="api.automations.io/forms/3f45e" method="POST">
    <input name="fullName" type="text">
    <input name="emailAddress" type="email">
    <button type="submit">
        Submit Form

Add logic to form results

Use the submitted form fields to fetch data from other apps and decide what message the form will show back to the user.

Automation Executions

Submit forms like it's 1999

Create and capture forms without any libraries, form builders or JavaScript. Just like in the old days.

  • Submit forms with plain HTML
  • We'll handle the submission and redirect to your URL
  • You automate what happens with submitted data
<form action="api.automations.io/forms/3f45e" method="POST">
    <input name="fullName" type="text">
    <input name="emailAddress" type="email">
    <button type="submit">
        Submit Form

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