Instant Companies House
workflow automation

Integrate Companies House with your CRM or spreadsheets to automate company checks, downloading accounts and eliminate copy-pasting.

So you can focus on more important work.

Accelerate your Companies House checks replaces repetitive work with automated workflows that can check in with you for direction when human decisions are required.

Automate your manual work

We integrate your existing apps and automate repetitive work, so you can focus on things that truly matter.

  • Connect apps and automate your everyday work
  • Build workflows that can request manual approvals
  • Document processes as collaborative workflows
  • Design multi-step forms with the built-in form builder
  • No coding required, automate workflows in minutes

Popular Companies House automations

Get director's associated companies & insolvencies

Download latest company accounts and add it to CRM

Get company information and add it to Google Sheets

Triggers & Actions

Trigger is an event that starts your automation. Action is what automation will perform.

No triggers yet.
Get Company Profile
Gets the latest information about a company.
Get Latest Filing
Gets the latest filing for a company.
Get Company Officers
Gets a list of all company officers.
Get Company Persons with Significant Control
Gets a list of all persons with significant control.
Search Companies
Search for company numbers and names.
Download Document
Downloads a filed document.
Get associated companies & insolvencies
Gets associated companies & insolvencies for each company officer.

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