Easy for business, powerful for developers

We'll handle the complexity of integrations and running workflows at scale, so you can focus on building another JavaScript framework 😅

Exactly Once Execution

Avoid sending the same email or charging a credit card twice.

Guaranteed Order

Actions run in exact order and retry when there are errors.

JSON State

Pass JSON data between actions without complex state management.

Conditional Logic

Evaluate a value with "if/then/else" and branch out your workflow.

HTTP Client

Make HTTP requests to any URL, including your own systems & services.

Webhooks, API & forms

Start your automations with webhooks, forms, API calls or manually.

Save your time and reduce distractions

Build workflows, but offload day-to-day monitoring and change requests back to business, so you can focus on innovation and security instead of system adjustments.

Submit forms like it's 1999

Create and capture forms without any libraries, form builders or JavaScript. Just like in the old days.

  • Submit forms with plain HTML
  • We'll handle the submission and redirect to your URL
  • You automate what happens with submitted data
<form action="api.automations.io/forms/3f45e" method="POST">
    <input name="fullName" type="text">
    <input name="emailAddress" type="email">
    <button type="submit">
        Submit Form

Build event-driven user journeys

Start workflows based on user events and interactions from your CRM, web or mobile apps.

const request = require('request');

    url: 'https://api.automations.io/events',
    json: true,
    body: {
        event: 'Signed Up',              
        properties: {                    
            name: 'Bob',                 
            email: 'hello@automations.io'

Debug in real-time

View running and historic automations in detail.

  • View JSON state of each action
  • When things go wrong, diagnose and debug
Execution History

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