We're excited to announce our biggest release yet with Automations.io 1.3, adding more integrations and major new features such as recording time and money savings, setting automation run outcomes, for each loop, automation chains and more.

You can find the previous Automations.io 1.2 release post here.

7 New Integrations

We keep investing into existing integrations too. With Invoiced alone we trippled the amount of automation actions you can do in this release.

Introducing For Each Loops

You can now run automation actions against many items with the new For Each Loop action.

As per the example above, whether the automation finds 1 or 20 overdue payments, it will loop through each those payments and send a payment email and SMS reminder to every customer.

Celebrate Your Wins 🎉

Don't forget to celebrate even the smallest wins! From now on, when you complete an automation with Human Tasks, we'll congratulate you with a confetti explosion and a random celebration GIF for a job well done!

Start Another Automation

When you want to break up large workflows or create common automations, you can now use the new Start Another Automation action.

Trigger and Action Preview

We've simplified and completely revamped the triggers and actions menu that now previews you the items you want to insert.

Record Time 🕐 and Money 💰 Savings

You build automations to avoid doing things manually, thus saving time and money along the way. With the new Record Savings action, you can now keep track how much time or money each automation run saves you.

Set Automation Run Outcomes

Let's say you have a "Refund Request" automation, that has a Human Task that requires a manual approval or rejection. Depending on the outcome of the task, the automation will do different things.

Previously, you could only see a total of refund requests you received by looking how many times the automation ran.

With the new Set Outcome action, you can now differentiate automation runs between each other.

Out of 4 successful automation runs, you can now see how many were approved or rejected – 3 approved, 1 rejected.

And you are free to create as many custom outcomes as you want.

New Automation Run Icons

We've also redesigned the automation run status icons, as well as introducing the mini version of the icons.

Other Improvements

  • The Scheduled Start trigger now supports timezones.
  • New {{datetime}} helper.
  • We are releasing a beta of the new Run Code action, that allows you to run JavaScript inside your automations.
  • Numerous UI and quality of life improvements when building automations.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes

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