Version 1.1 is now available and we're excited to introduce:

  • the new human tasks interface
  • inbound email automation
  • AI (artificial intelligence) πŸ€–πŸ§  feature
  • 4 new integrations
  • manage access control who can launch each automation

And many quality of life improvements that will make using every day even more enjoyable.

These are just a few highlights from numerous fixes and enhancements we've done with over 12,000 lines of new code added in this release.

New human tasks interface

You can now easily define your business processes as a set of tasks with checklists and approval requests, to guide your employees with the next steps and ensure every step of the process is completed before proceeding further.

The new human tasks interface
The new human tasks interface

Inbound email automation

You can now automate what happens when an inbound email is received.

Let's say you receive inbound emails when customers apply for a loan, so instead of manually copy-pasting email contents to the CRM or a spreadsheet, this process can be fully automated.

No more manual mistakes ❌ and typos!

Inbound email trigger
Inbound email trigger

The first AI πŸ€–πŸ§  feature

We've been planning to add artificial intelligence features since the day we launched, but we've been focusing our roadmap on customer requests.

Now, with a real customer use case, we're adding our first built-in AI action - Detect Language!

Using natural language processing, Detect Language determines the dominant language in a given text.

For example, suppose you have a support inbox for English and French-speaking customers but want to reply with a templated email in the correct language. In that case, the new feature can detect which language the customer used in their email and then respond with the template in the same language.

4 New Integrations

  • Send real postal mail with PC2Paper.
  • Send invoices and get paid faster with Invoiced.
  • Send documents for eSignature with Legalesign.
  • Send cold emails and automate follow-ups with Lemlist.

Access management

You can now limit which users can see and start each automation.

A list of automation members
A list of automation members

Automation execution names

You can now give custom names to each automation run (also known as execution).

For example, suppose you have Employee Onboarding automation. In that case, you can give it a name every time it runs for a new employee, helping you distinguish between multiple executions of the same automation.

A list of employee onboarding executions with names
A list of employee onboarding executions with names

Other Improvements

  • When manually starting automation with multiple triggers, you can now select which trigger you want to start with
  • User interface improvements to help with automation building
  • Non-administrator users can now stop automations they started
  • Copy button for webhooks URLs, web forms, API endpoints, etc
  • Replace text helper