Automate without writing code enables anyone to automate repetitive work and transform a business without development overhead.
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The simplest way to streamline your work

Empower teams to automate business processes, eliminate routine tasks and improve customer experiences without a need for coding.

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Reduce manual work

Save time and focus on activities of much higher value to your business.

Modernize your workforce

Free up teams from repetitive tasks, improve productivity and efficiency.

Get help from digital robots

Automate data entry and time-consuming tasks with digital robots.

Your business automated in days

Start with a demo and a free proof of concept.

Connect apps you already use

Integrate your existing systems and web apps to automate business processes.

  • Leverage pre-built integrations
  • Automate without replacing existing systems
  • Design processes spanning multiple applications
Automation Executions

Boost customer experience

Engage customers with custom forms to upload documents, request a callback or capture leads and we'll submit the data to your CRM or spreadsheets.

  • Easy-to-use form builder
  • Branded with your own logo and domain
  • Notify teams when form is submitted
Automation Executions

Incredibly simple & easy-to-use

Business teams can start automating and go live within days, without a need for coding or replacing existing systems.

  • Visually automate business processes
  • Anyone in business can automate
  • Need a hand? We're commited to your success
Automation Executions

Automate with clicks

No coding required, easily do-it-yourself.

A glimpse of use cases

Increase productivity with data entry automation. Avoid manually copy pasting information between documents or systems, reducing human errors along the way.

Automate requesting customer documents, provide them a mobile-friendly link to upload files. Once submitted, it'll appear in the CRM record or online file storage.

Save your team from manually finding the correct house and car valuations. Digital robot will do it for you in seconds, logging and updating CRM records and uploading PDFs.

Supercharge your CRM and customer journeys. Add leads to a dialler and email newsletter, send them an SMS and notify your team via email or Slack. All without writing code.

Improve lead conversions and customer retention by sending a series of personalized messages, whether it's new customer onboarding or win-back campaigns.

Stop hurting your conversion rates and search engine rankings with missing online customer reviews. Automatically send review invitations after providing the service.

Let's save you time and effort

Get started with a demo and a free proof of concept.

Easy for business, powerful for developers

We'll handle the complexity of integrations and running workflows at scale, so you can focus on building another JavaScript framework.

Exactly Once Execution

Avoid sending the same email or charging a credit card twice.

Guaranteed Order

Actions run in exact order and retry when there are errors.


Pass JSON data between actions without complex state management.

Conditional Logic

Evaluate a value with "if/then/else" and branch out your workflow.

HTTP Client

Make HTTP requests to any URL, including your own systems & services.

Webhooks, API & forms

Start your automations with webhooks, forms, API calls or manually.

Submit forms like it's 1999

Create and capture forms without any libraries, form builders or JavaScript. Just like in the old days.

  • Submit forms with plain HTML
  • We'll handle the submission and redirect to your URL
  • You automate what happens with submission data
<form action="" method="POST">
        <input name="fullName" type="text">
        <input name="emailAddress" type="email">
        <button type="submit">
            Submit Form

Build event-driven user journeys

Start workflows based on user events and interactions from your CRM, web and mobile apps.

const request = require('request');{
        url: '',
        json: true,
        body: {
            event: 'Signed Up',              
            properties: {                    
                name: 'Bob',                 
                email: ''

Debug in real-time

View running and historic automations in detail.

  • View JSON state of each action
  • When things go wrong, diagnose and debug
Execution History

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Automations?

    Automations are workflows, that are started by real-time events (e.g. when your customer makes a purchase), that will then run a set actions, like:

    1. Add customer to CRM
    2. Add entry to bookkeeping software
    3. Send a purchase confirmation email
    4. Wait for 5 days
    5. Send another email asking for feedback
  • Do I need developers?

    Developers or coding skills are not required to automate and use the platform.

    Our support includes training and technical assistance.

  • What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that automates staff's repetitive actions and interactions with websites, folders, CRMs and legacy systems without APIs.

    This frees up your team from routine, low-value tasks, allowing them to focus on activities of much higher value to your business.

    For example, this can be used in financial services, mortgage and lending processes:

    • Automatically extracting the right information from documents/PDFs and inputting them into the right places
    • Fast and accurate CRM data entry
  • I'm not sure what to automate?

    We always start with a quick discovery call and discuss industry best practices that you can leverage.

  • I'm a developer, what are the limits and technical details?

    We've built primarily with a "developers first" mindset, so we couldn't launch without Documentation and API Reference just for you!

    In short, is a low-level orchestration service, that lets you coordinate multiple functions into flexible workflows that are easy to debug and change, with exactly once execution guarantee, built-in error handling, retries, JSON state management and a running duration of up to a year.

Not convinced yet?

See a demo and get a free proof of concept.