Instant Artworker
workflow automation

Integrate Artworker with your business apps and design interactive workflows in minutes.

So you can instantly automate repetitive work without writing code, save time and boost productivity.

Supercharge your Artworker replaces repetitive work with automated workflows that can check in with you for direction when human decisions are required.

Automate your manual work

We integrate your existing apps and automate repetitive work, so you can focus on things that truly matter.

  • Connect apps and automate your everyday work
  • Build workflows that can request manual approvals
  • Document processes as collaborative workflows
  • Design multi-step forms with the built-in form builder
  • No coding required, automate workflows in minutes

Triggers & Actions

Trigger is an event that starts your automation. Action is what automation will perform.

Awaiting Artwork
When an admin sends an artwork request to a customer.
When an admin reject one of more files in a job.
Pending Approval
When artwork has been uploaded either by the customer, or by the supplier and is ready for review.
Ready for Production
Either when an admin has approved all artwork for a job, or when a customer has accepted provided fixup files or accepted highlighted issues.
Pending Proof Approval
When an admin sends proof(s) to the customer.
Proof Rejected
When a customer rejects one or more proofs in a job.
Proof Accepted
When a customer approved all proofs in a job.
Job Complete
When an admin marks a job as complete
Create a Job
Creates a new job withing Artworker.

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