Build smart workflows without writing code

Connect your apps & visually automate repetitive work to save time, increase productivity and reduce errors.

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Automate workflows in minutes

Build forms, create human tasks, connect your existing apps, add conditional logic and much more without a need for coding.

Holiday Request ReceivedWhen
Save it to Google Sheets
Create Approval Task
Holiday approved?
Email Approval
Email Rejection
+Add New Action

Automate manual work

Free up teams from repetitive tasks, improving productivity and efficiency.

Save time & money

Automate data entry and time-consuming tasks to reduce costs.

Monitor & reduce errors

Manage & track processes in one place for visibility, performance and audit trail.

Connect and automate your apps

Save time by connecting apps you already use to automate data entry and optimize business processes.

  • Build workflows to share data between multiple apps
  • Stop copy pasting and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Automate without replacing your existing tools

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Automation Executions

Organize work with human tasks

Build semi-automated workflows where human decisions are required, such as approval requests, review a document or data entry.

  • Complete tasks via email or inside the app
  • Invite teammates to work on tasks
  • Decide what happens after each task outcome

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Automation Executions

Calculate saved time and money 💰

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Build forms that automate work

Start workflows with submitted forms, whether it's to generate a templated PDF document, onboard a new employee or capture a lead and add them to CRM.

  • Build forms for customers, staff or vendors
  • Show different results based on workflow paths
  • Design elegant forms without coding

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Automation Executions

Incredibly simple & easy-to-use

Start automating and go live within days, without a need for coding or replacing existing systems. Developers can help with initial setup of complex workflows, but then offload day-to-day monitoring and change requests back to business.

  • Visually automate processes
  • Multiple triggers per workflow
  • Auto retry on errors
Automation Executions

Automate with clicks

No coding required, easily do-it-yourself.

Automate manual work

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